Electronic signature of documents  quickly, securely and with legal validity

RSign is a service of RPost, a global leader in electronic certification with more than 25 million satisfied users.


     These companies rely on RSign for the signing of their documents

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Automate e-signature processes with  templates, rules and advanced features

With an intuitive interface, RSign allows you to prepare documents to be completed and signed by multiple recipients. RSign makes it possible to use pre-configured fields such as name, date, address, signature, among others, simplifying the signing process.

Your recipient will receive an email with instructions on how to complete and sign the document from their computer or mobile device, following a guided, error-proof process that indicates which fields need to be completed.

With RSign®  you can get signatures on any 

document and from any device


Preparing a document for signature is as easy as uploading it and selecting the fields to sign and/or complete, ensuring an error-free signing process.


You can define pre-defined sequences of signatories, automatic notifications and reminders, expiry dates and much more.

Signing from
Any Device

Your recipients will be able to sign from any web-enabled device, following an intuitive, guided process that indicates which fields need to be completed.

Templates and

Users can create templates and rules that allow them to reuse the same forms, as well as their settings, without having to create them from scratch.

Protection of

Using RMail's dynamic cryptography facilities, messages can be encrypted for security, privacy, or to comply with legal requirements.

Traceability and

Details of who signed, when, with which email and from which IP address, form part of the final audit certificate included at the end of each signed document.

               You can install it on any email sending platform such as:

API and professional services to integrate with your platform

With the help of our integration and API specialists, you will be able to add RSign functionalities to your platform or portal, in a very agile way.

Advanced options to digitize the most complex flows

With multiple options and possible configurations, RSign allows you to simplify and digitize the most complex document flows.

Sustainability and savings with multiple plans for your needs

Reduce the use of paper and speed up sales cycles with RSign, choosing a monthly or annual plan tailored to your needs, with a license per user or volume of documents.

Success story: Coca-Cola optimises
its distribution agreements with RSign


Procurement Specialist, Coca Cola

"Before using RSign, it was difficult to resolve billing discrepancies with resellers. With RSign, our distributors agree and sign the billing terms in advance and these are associated with the invoices, eliminating disputes. RSign also allows us to easily identify which contracts and terms have been signed and which are still outstanding. 

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