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RMail is a service of RPost, a global leader in electronic certification with more than 25 million satisfied users.

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Encrypted email for those who need Security and Agility

RMail™ installs on your existing email platform. By selecting the Send Certificate option, you will be able to send your emails with advanced features, such as encryption, electronic signature, and many more.

It provides a Registered Acknowledgment of Receipt that specifies the date and time of delivery, the opening and the content of the message. All these certifications have legal validity and in turn allow the complete traceability of shipments. 

RMail® transform your email with essential essential security and collaboration tools

Immediate traceability

It allows immediate traceability of the messages sent and allows you to know clearly and precisely when they were received and opened for appropriate follow-up.

Electronic signature

RMail facilitates the process of obtaining electronic signatures for all parties involved, reducing the time and operational costs to formalise agreements.

Digital evidence

The Registered Receipt Acknowledgement provides digital evidence with official date and time of delivery and opening and content sent, verification of authenticity and reproduction of the message.


LargeMail file transfer technology allows you to send email messages with attachments up to 1GB in size, securely.

Dynamic encryption

Using RMail's dynamic cryptography facilities, messages can be encrypted to ensure security and privacy compliance.


SideNote allows you to include private explanatory notes to recipients who are in carbon copy and/or blind copy.

               You can install it on any email sending platform such as:

The best user experience

With RMail, everything is simpler. Your recipients will receive your emails normally, without the need to register or download them from portals.

Multiple functionalities in a single product

In a single application, you will have numerous functionalities that will transform your email, making it more secure and productive.

No more doubts or disputes about the delivery of your emails.

You will be able to prove with full legal validity whether your emails have been delivered and/or opened, protecting you against any claims of non-delivery.

Success Story: Allianz certifies and secures its communications with RMail

Natasja Voorsluijs - Customer Journey and Fraud Expert

"For Allianz, the use of RMail is essential. It allows us to send information to our customers securely, in compliance with privacy policies, and in turn protects us when the customer claims they did not receive a notification. When this happens, we can now verify and prove it"