Technological packages for Small and

 Medium Enterprises (PyMES)

At ConnectNow we know very well the challenges that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) face when managing their technological tools.

For this reason, we offer you a variety of state-of-the-art technology packages that will facilitate your company's operational and digital processes at very affordable prices.

Decide to increase your sales. Decide on a smart technological transformation. We have the best options. Choose the one that suits you best!

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What do our SME technology packages contain?

Starting or expanding your business has never been easier

Computer equipment

Computers of excellent quality adapted to your needs.

Digital signature

Avoid accumulating more paper! Signing your documents digitally is today's trend.


Guarantee the success of your company by selling your products and/or services online.


Rest assured that you have antivirus protection and backup on your computers.

Rest assured that you have antivirus protection and backup on your computers.

Our 3 options include computers, mail, digital signature and cybersecurity


$2,953 .00

/ monthly
  • Business email
  • 2 Dell Latitude 3420 computers
  • RSign 365 
  • Acronis 10GB


$ 4,990 .88

/ monthly
  • Business email + ecommerce
  • 3 Dell Latitude 3420 computers
  • RSign Standard
  • Acronis 20GB


$ 6,861 .75

/ monthly
  • Email + e-commerce
  • 7 Latitude Dell 3520
  • RSign Standard
  • Acronis 20GB

Advantages of buying a PymES technology package with ConnectNow

Personalized advice: We know that the transition or technological expansion of a company can be overwhelming. For this reason, we provide advice 24/7 to help you calmly choose the most convenient option for you.

Quality technology at affordable prices: We also know that acquiring new computer equipment for your company can be excessively expensive. So our plans are designed with high quality products but without having to spend so much.

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