"ConnectNow, the platform for purchasing and managing IT solutions as a service".
ConnectNow is a Marketplace that enables the integration of digital services, facilitating the bringing together of IT service providers.

What does this platform consist of?

ConnectNow is a marketplace that enables the integration of digital services, bringing IT service providers closer to the end customers who need them. When a customer enters ConnectNow, they enter an unlimited world of services based on a subscription-based payment model.

The change in the way we consume is now a reality, an example of which are urban transport services based on pay as you go: to get around by car or electric scooter, you no longer need to buy them, you can take them from the corner of your house, move around and, at the end of the journey, pay for what you actually used. The interesting thing about these services goes beyond the initial investment savings they imply (you no longer need to invest in a car to be able to use it), but rather they are oriented towards a comprehensive solution, beyond moving from one place to another. It is no longer necessary to buy infrastructure or maintain it, let alone pay for spaces to leave it when it is not being used; it is only taken as a service when it is needed, and according to what the user requires.

In technology, the change in the way of consuming has been much faster, following the global pandemic, with the IT areas being key in the transformation that many companies had to make in order to continue operating and maintaining their competitiveness.

IT services in cloud and/or subscription mode have allowed companies to adapt to the new way of working, quickly, without large investments, effectively paying for what they use, eliminating investment, operation and maintenance costs and responding to the needs of their business.

ConnectNow is a single console through which companies and individuals can quickly, securely, centrally and self-managed self-provision these services.

What is the service model?
The ConnectNow service model is simply a portal through which companies and individuals consume digital services (software, cloud service, professional services) from anywhere in the world, in a centralised and managed way, with local billing. This is a real solution to the procurement management of these types of services which, because they are international, often do not comply with the purchasing processes of organisations and companies.

What type of companies is it aimed at?
The portal is a simple platform focused on both individuals and companies. The management of the platform can range from the simple creation of a personal account for the consumption of services through a credit card to the creation of a self-managed, personalised and independent sub-portal for each company, allowing the definition of users, profiles and security levels. Delivering all the reports and audits required for the control and management of the platform.

How can a company manage the consumption of IT services on Connect Now?
The platform was built to provision, manage and control the consumption of digital services:
1. Manage the purchasing process: A single portal connects with all service providers, allowing to increase or decrease the number of users and licenses of use.
2. Control Budgets Allows to allocate budget in the consumption of services by area, user or by office.
3.Single point of contact Through a single console it is possible to manage all suppliers, and receive a unified invoice in your national currency.
4.Centralised reporting, with all the information required to control and audit the company's digital services consumption.

What are its main advantages?
-Single console
- Immediate access
- Single point of contact
- New products every month
- Inventory and budget control
- Immediate access to products without lengthy processes
- Delivering shared cloud services based on OpenStack
- New products and updates every month - Latest cloud technology
- Latest versions - Product versions and licenses updated automatically
- Allows you to create independent environments for each organisation, customisable and self-manageable.

What kind of services can I purchase on the platform?
More than 500 applications can be provisioned globally through ConnectNow.
In Chile we launched our portal in September and have available: OpenStack-based shared cloud service.

Multi-Cloud Migration Service - with lift & Shift options, or native hybrid cloud. Software subscriptions such as: Office365, DropBox, ProofPoint, AvePoint, Cisco Umbrella, BitTitan, Acronis, Rsign, Rmail, Hellosign, among others.

By the first half of 2021, we will add 30 new brands to the portfolio, mainly business intelligence tools, analytics, BigData, etc.
We estimate that the supply of products and services through this platform will have an exponential growth, considering the global market trend towards pay-per-use.

Sincerely, ConnectNow Team #stayathome

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